Have Ewe Any Wool?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A “Kindness of Knitters”


IMG_4781 This year’s retreat started out a bit dicey…the weather predictions for snow and ice were ominous!   I left for PA early in the day so I could hopefully arrive at my destination well before it started.   I’m so glad I did!   It started snowing right after I arrived.   By 5 pm, several roads were so treacherous that some folks decided to wait until the next day to arrive.  I was safe and snug…and enjoying the warmth of the fireplace.

IMG_0387 My bunk looked pretty much like it did last year….small and homey.    The only problem was that it was a bit too long for my bed sheets!   I had an extra long mattress.   Oh, well….it all worked out in the end….I only attached the one corner, so all was good.  Of course, my “bedspread” is the afghan made by DH’s grandma…..it’s my tribute to her memory every time I go. (When Mema was alive, I always brought an afghan from her to adorn my bed…it became a bit of a tradition for me…and I know she was thrilled that her afghans meant so much to me and was touched that I’d bring them on the retreat.)



The highlight of the weekend was the fabulous cakes that Tina ordered.   We had a bit of chocolate mousse cake on Friday night.  It was very chocolatey and delicious!


However, as delicious as it was, the chocolate mousse cake absolutely paled in comparison to the knitting basket cake.   It tasted just as good as it looks!   Mmmmmm!!!!


IMG_4874 During the retreat, I did quite a bit of chatting….as well as some spinning.   I spun a skein of purple roving….luscious!   It’s a total of 4 ounces, so I can make about anything I want from it….except a sweater or vest….not quite enough for that…LOL!


I also continued to spin the gorgeous two toned BFL that I’d purchased from the Fiberists last year.   I love the gorgeous greens and blues.  It reminds me of the ocean and summer.   (A good thing to be reminded of when it’s sooooo incredibly cold!   Thoughts of the ocean actually made me feel warmer!!!)  Unfortunately, I didn’t think to take a picture of that!

IMG_0397 IMG_0398 However, I did manage to get a couple of photos of me wearing the footie pajamas that my sister got me for Christmas.   Betty Boop PJ’s – of course!   I was very warm and cozy Saturday morning…




Tina warped her loom…and finished a scarf during the retreat.  The scarf is gorgeous.  She used the gorgeous “color changing” cotton yarn from Elisabeth at “Wolles”.






Rhonda showed a nice variety of her rug hooking projects.  They were fabulous!   She does absolutely lovely work!!!  (She made me promise to bring my rug hooking next year!)












Check out this album of her creations…



My friend Deb demo’d needle felting…using cookie cutters, wool, and felting needles.  It was more of a quicky class than a demo as she provided guidance  and pointers on how to successfully needle felt.




As always, the room was just a sea of knitters, spinners, hookers, crocheters, weavers…and the list goes on.  If it involved  fiber, it was there!

IMG_4820  IMG_4817

What a fabulous weekend!!!  Our group definitely was a “Kindness of Knitters”.  That’s  also the ending “mantra” for the attendees of the annual spinners and knitters retreat near Lancaster, PA.   The knitting community has identified a group of knitters as a “Kindness of Knitters”….much like a “Pride of Lions”….or a “Flock of  Birds”.   We all left the retreat agreeing to call a group of knitters, “A Kindness of Knitters” – I love it!!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Wow!   I had a lot of fun with this one!   We had to “knit a snowman” for our swap partner.   Mine went all the way to Norway!  How cool is that?  

My partner is decorating her house and has fond memories of snowmen decorating the house when she was growing up.  Now, she wants to decorate her home…with some snowmen of her own.  Of course, I had to make her not one, but TWO snowmen.

Here they are….without their “personalities” – the facial embroidery really brings out their character, so here, they look a bit “boring”.


I was quite pleased with how they turned out!   The pattern was great…it’s the “Knitted Snowman” from the Flutterby Patch Website.

Here they are with their faces….I love them!   Now, I have to make a pair for myself!


Saturday, January 19, 2013

Goose Creek Hook-In

IMG_0358The annual Hook-In was fabulous!   The weather actually cooperated this year!   Last year, we had a bit of snow and ice that made it quite dicey…especially for those that had to travel down from Pennsylvania to attend…either as participants or vendors.  One of my favorite vendors – Wool Junction - was unable to come, so I couldn’t get some of my favorites, but others filled in at the last minute, so I still managed to get a lot of fabulous wools!

There were so many projects that were absolutely inspiring!   I LOVED them ALL!!!!!   This year, I even had a project on display– my first completed project!   

IMG_0360 This was raffled - a fabulous rug hooked by women in Mexico as part of an exchange.   All the proceeds from this go back to the women to help them continue with their designs and to support their families.


Check out this album of fabulous inspiration…..

Friday, January 18, 2013

Birthday Cards

Keeping with this week’s “stamping theme”, I dug out my stamping supplies and crafted a couple of birthday cards – one for each sister.

IMG_4765 For the first card, I created a card with a cute little mouse – I used my water color pencils to color it in, but then I forgot whether the ink I used for the stamp was water-fast or not.   Ideally, I would swipe over my coloring with a wet brush to create a more water color effect, but since I’m not sure if I’ll smear the stamp ink, I decided to pass on that part!

IMG_4764 The second card is a carousel horse theme – one of my sisters is very into carousel horses!   I tried to color it a bit whimsical…just like the carousel horses of old.   Again, not knowing if the ink was water-fast, I opted to just color it with the water color pencils and not “finish” them with water.  

Neither card is very fancy, but I’m just getting my feet wet on stamping projects.   I do much better during classes.   Guidance and tips from the instructors for specific techniques is priceless!!!!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Stamping It Up!!!

What a fabulous way to spend the day!   My friend Lynn hosted a knitting and stamping pot luck.   We all brought something yummy to eat (lots of cheese and chocolate – imagine that!!!)

It was great fun catching up with several of my crafty buddies – some of whom I hadn’t seen for months!   Of course, we showed, shared, and compared projects….and oooohed and aaaaahed over finished projects.

In addition to that, Amber demo’d some “Stamping It Up” products and we all got to make 2 cards, try out the die cutter and embosser, and make a little treat for Valentine’s Day!



The first card I made is this adorable little sheep card.   I just love it!!!!






Next, I made this lacy heart card – I cheated a bit and used the pre-cut lattice!  






Finally, I made this cute little Valentine’s snack.  The hard part was that some of the peanut M&Ms were just a bit too big for the sleeve.  I had to search the bowl for the smallest ones so they would fit without tearing the “snack sleeves”.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Rest in Peace My Loyal Companion!

Sandy……August 3, 2000 – January 8, 2013


Sandy…you’ve definitely been a loyal and loving companion…I already miss you terribly!   You were so loving and bright.  You magically seemed to know which stuffed animals were yours….and which were mine!   I have so many happy memories with you…and I’m so thankful that you went peacefully and without pain.  God bless you sweetie!










I cherish our long walks together….checking out the flora and the fauna.   I’ll always remember how you taught me to “stop and smell the roses”.  I remember how you never waivered in your “stare downs” with the “fierce wild rabbits”…..  

smelling_the_roses_S6004838 IMG_3950







Oh, my…the crazy positions would could put yourself in….and seem to be comfortable!   Especially, when all folded up and/or curled up…taking up little or no room.   Or perhaps stacking yourself so you’re “all legs”….how could that be comfortable???

 S6003076 S6003075






You LOVED hanging out on the deck with me…..from that vantage point, you could see the neighborhood…and check out everyone that walked by.  One of your favorite things about going out on the deck was being “raked” during the shedding season.   You’d get SOOO incredibly excited about going out on the deck and having your fur brushed!  You were always such a happy and loving dog…..so eager to please!


sandy_lying_down sandy_facing_me







so_this_is_what_hail_smells_like S6000827 The hailstorm of 2007 really threw you for a loop!   You loved the deck…and loved snow.   But what’s up with all these ice balls……in JUNE!!!!!  (Hmmmm….so this is what hail smells like?)




S6000418You were always curious and supportive of my various crafting adventures…whether it was the acquisition of a new loom or a purchase of a fleece…straight from the farm.   You were always there as my never-tiring “Guardian of the Wool”.  Now you’re busy preparing a space for me…and my wool…for sometime in the future.   (Hopefully you’ll round up a few sheep and alpacas to keep me well supplied in yarn and fiber!   After all, you are part Shepherd!)




IMG_2083 How you LOVED your treats!   I remember how excited you were when one of my knitting swap packages came…and the main contents were for you!   You liked your chops in anticipation. 



snack-time IMG_2092 Of course, you gobbled down every last bit of all the treats! Not all at once, of course!  After all, that’s how you kept your girlish figure!




And I remember our special times together at the holidays….where you seemed almost human in the way you’d pose.   Especially when you had the “Now let me tell you something!” pose with your “arm” extended out onto my chest….












You had a lot of fun with all your “doggie friends”….like your boyfriend Rooney…..and your buddies Snoopy, Dash, Sophie, Noel, Titus, Triton, Lacey, Honey, Bandit, Cozy, Luke, Millie, Roxie, Isis, Mandy, Rockie, Oliver, Clancy, Luna, Rosie, Kylie, Popeye, Dusty, Ivan, Ben, and Jerry…..and more that I’m sure I’m forgetting!  Several of your buddies have been waiting for you – and I know you’ll be so happy to see them again - Lexi, Rusty, Cujo, Rain, Bonnie, Mosby, Prince, Gooch, Meg, Mandy L., and Thunder.   Of course, Biscuit, who graced us with her presence before you joined the family, will be there to welcome you to the fold.  

Oh how you LOVED the snow!  Especially during some of our record snowfalls – that included Snowpacolypse and Snowmageddon of December 2009 and early 2010!   Must be the Huskie in you that loved to walk while the snow was falling….and climb snow banks to play “King of the Hill”. 

I’ll always remember you as the doggie that loved the snow….romping around in it and walking in it….and even tasting it.   I miss you Sandy!