Have Ewe Any Wool?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fly Ball!


I've never been to a "Fly Ball" tournament....until this weekend. My step-daughter had a tournament this weekend in Manassas, so I got to see one first hand. The heat and humidity began to creep in, but thankfully, the weather wasn't too bad.

It seems like a lot of fun for the dogs - and great exercise too! They jump over 4 hurdles, jump on the board at the end of the run to launch the ball into their mouth, and then run back to their starting point. Then, the next dog on the team repeats that process until all 4 team members have completed the course.

It was VERY loud! Barking, excited dogs were everywhere!!! It's a bit hard to see what's going on in these videos, but you get the general idea.

Ginger (Blair's dog), was an absolute hoot! She really seemed to enjoy the races...even when she'd decide to do her "own thing" rather than run the circuit.

After each set of races, most of the dogs would "cool off" with a dip in the pool....or chase after the spray from the hose. Not Ginger. She'd walk over to the pool....take a quick look and then scamper off to lie under a nearby car or camper.

There was lots of down time between races, so we had lots of time to sit around and chat. It was a bit warm, but not too bad. Of course, I brought my drop spindle with me, so I spent most of my free time spinning away. I managed to spin about half of the ounce of wool that I'd brought with me! Just a bit more to spin, and then I can ply it with my other ounce! Wahoo!!!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Embroidery, Needle Point, and Cross-Stitch

Thursday, I was invited to visit a stitching group and had a fabulous time! Wow! What a fabulous group of talented ladies!

Most of them were working on needlepoint or cross stitch projects of varying types and sizes. They were all beautiful!

There was even a punch embroidery project in the works (left). I've never seen a punch needle project in progress- it was fascinating to watch.

One stitcher brought in a scarf she'd made with "Flamenco" - I just love it! She said that one skein of the yarn can make two scarves and they work up in about an hour on large needles. I just love how it looks!

I continued to work on my projects for a "critter swap" on Ravelry as well as the blanket I'm making for my cousin's daughter's baby. It's my cousin Deb's first grandchild, so I wanted to make something extra special! I chose the Louet "Christening Blanket" pattern and I just love how it's coming out! It's nearly done!

(Sorry....I can't post a photo of the critters I'm in the process of making as I don't want to spoil the surprise! As soon as my swappee receives them, I'll be sure to post photos!)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Everyone Needs a Crown

At our final meeting of the year for Blue Ridge Spinners and Weavers, we had a pot luck as well as a "Tiara Competition". We had been challenged to create a hand crafted crown or tiara that best reflected our personalities and skills. Even our cupcakes had tiaras!

The entries ranged from the simple to the very ornate. I thought all the crowns that were entered were lovely. They were each special in their own way.

I think my favorite was the one that looks like branches and flowers. It was made totally from twisted paper....with the exception of the tiny bird embellishments. It was absolutely fabulous!

I called my crown "Simple Elegance". It was very basic and simply embellished using pipe cleaners, Swarovski Crystals, and some decorative yarn. Dina's felted crown with pearl embellishments was also what I would classify as "Simple Elegance".

On the inspiration front, Dina brought in the yarn she spun using silk flowers for embellishments. She strung the parts of silk flowers on a single and then plied it with another single. When you knit up a scarf, the flower bits will show on both sides, so the scarf will be fully reversible!

We finished the day by creating a number of special blankets for the Ronald McDonald House. I can definitely say that a good time was had by all!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Joy of Rug Hooking


My friend Jerry invited me to a "Hook-In" at her home and it was absolutely fabulous! There were many rug hookers in attendance and Jerry had all her Wool Junction bolt wools, hand-dyed wools and art wools, monks cloth, and patterns available for sale as well.

We congregated on her back porch - a gorgeous screened in room that overlooked the lush backyard...definitely greened by the prior week of rain! The weather was absolutely perfect - one could not ask for a more beautiful day!

I had a fabulous time! Everyone's rug hooking projects were wonderful! Several folks had taken a class and were all working on the same project. They looked totally different depending on the colors used. I just love all the variations.

Some were making the same project, but with the variety of colors, everyone's was unique!

Aren't these projects fabulous?

I was definitely inspired by all the lovely projects. Of course, I did a major bit of shopping while I was there. I picked up some additional patterns and lots of lovely wool for projects - including some quarter yards of Jerry's hand dyed art wool. Aren't the colors absolutely gorgeous???

While I was there, I started the sheep wall hanging kit that I purchased from Jerry about 1 1/2 years ago. (We don't want to rush into anything, eh?) The "Hook-In" was just what I needed to get me going! I had so many experienced rug hookers that were more than willing to answer any question I had. I even got some info one the Goose Creek Ruggers - a group I definitely need to check out! Perhaps if I join a group, I'll actually finish this project!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sittende Mai - Seventeenth of May

Happy Constitution Day Norway!!!!

The Dinner Dance...

Friday night was the dinner dance for the Sittende Mai celebration. It was a nice dinner - salmon or London broil - followed by some wonderful Norwegian sweets.

One of the guests was sporting a fabulous clutch purse - a sequined Norwegian flag purse. I love it!

The speaker for the evening was Bard Thorheim, First Secretary, Political department, Norwegian Embassy.

The Picnic...

The Celebration continued on Sunday with the annual Sittende Mai Picnic and parade. The weather reports sounded a bit threatening, but thankfully, the thunderstorms held off until the festivities were over!

I just love the beautiful bunads!

The speaker for the picnic was Defense Attache Rear Admiral Trond Grytting from the royal Norwegian Embassy. It was a short speech, but reiterated the joy and happiness of this occasion - the celebration of the Norwegian Constitution. (In Norway, the kids get out of school to celebrate...too bad they didn't do that here when I was growing up!)

The speech was followed by the traditional parade - many folks wearing bunads or the colors of the Norwegian flag while we marched carrying the Norwegian flag.

Music for the festival was provided by the Rockville Brass Band.

I kept quite busy after the parade as our Sons of Norway Lodge was hosting the picnic - cooking the hot dogs, serving, and pouring the beverages. It was a lot of fun! Meanwhile, DH was staying cool underneath a tree - keeping out of the way of the hoards of Norwegians!

Of course, no Norwegian festivity would be complete without a peek at the Lindehunds! They are so cute! Three of them are on one leash - how cool is that?

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Frying Pan Park Farm Days

Saturday was the annual Frying Pan Park Farm Day. It's generally an event for families - especially the kids. There were all kinds of activities - churning butter, sheep dog demos, a puppet show, as "corn box", and arts and crafts....in addition to trying to spin and weave!

Jo and I volunteer to demo spinning and weaving every year and have a fabulous time. The kids really enjoy the "hands on" and so do the parents. Jo's stand for her rigid heddle loom was perfect for this venue. Next year, she may decide to skip the spinning wheel and just bring the looms!

Jo also brought her inkle loom - parents and kids alike were fascinated by weaving.

The alpacas from Capital Alpacas are always a hit too. The wools and yarn are wonderful!

The baby animals I visited back on April 13th have REALLY grown! I did find a new black and white baby goat (nursing), but all the rest were the babies I saw last month! They're "teenagers" now!