Have Ewe Any Wool?

Thursday, February 23, 2012



This past week, I knitted a couple of bookmarks for a swap. They were a lot of fun...and are a great way to use up left over yarn...or try out lace patterns!

The green bookmark use "Sage" colored Jaggerspun Zephyr (50% merino/50% silk). I used the "Diamond Lace Bookmark" pattern by Sivia Harding. I LOVE how this one turned out! I think the tassel and the beads really set this pattern apart from many others.

The second bookmark was made with crochet cotton. I always have crochet cotton laying around! I use it for "life-lines" in lace knitting, for practicing tatting, for binding hand spun yarn, and for attempting to crochet doilies - emphasis on the "attempt"!!! The pattern I used for this bookmark was the "Lace Heart Bookmark" by Darilyn Page. I loved the crochet picots she put around the edges, but I just couldn't make that work right for me, so I left it off.

Tonight, I managed to capture a few photos of a beautiful sunset. It was amazing how the sky seemed to brighten as the sun sank lower and lower. The clouds were illuminated by the suns last rays...then finally, the sun was low enough that darkness began to take over.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Weaving and a Bit of Spinning

There were 5 of us at the Centreville Library this past Sunday. Three of us were spinning, one knitting, and one weaving. Yes....weaving. (No...it wasn't me!!!) Spencer and Reggie just bought a fabulous loom - an Ashford Table Loom. It's the perfect first loom! There are 4 shafts and it can be used either on the table (as Reggie was doing Sunday) or on a stand. There are even holes so when you use the stand, you can hook up treadles. How cool is that???

I was quite impressed with Reggie's first weaving - it's awesome! Check out how even his edges are!!! This is his first piece, and he's weaving using a very fine thread - no thick fabric here. The loom also folds down so it can be easily carried. What a fabulous loom!

I finished spinning the purple merino and started on the orange. I didn't quite finish the singles while at the library, but I was on a roll and quickly finished it once I got home. I plied it right away. I normally don't particularly care for the "barber pole" yarn, but the orange and purple really grew on me. (It was hand dyed by Reggie and Spencer.) I have a total of 158 yds. of the two ply orange and purple and about 33 yards of purple singles. I'm not sure yet what this will "grow up to be", but I'll think of something, I'm sure!

In spite of the earlier predicted snow, it turned out to be a beautiful day! Not a flake in site....and the daffodils were even "nodding" their little yellow head just outside the library. (Another testament to the extremely mild winter we've had!)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!!!


Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

Happy Valentine's Day! What a lovely day...I always look forward to Valentine's Day. DH and I have a tradition of flowers and heart-shaped brownies....as well as a nice romantic dinner out.

This year, he got me purple irises and red tulips. Red being the more traditional color for Valentine's Day and purple being my favorite color....and irises are one of my favorite flowers. What a sweetie!!!!
(I just love the inside of tulips...they're so pretty.)

I made myself a glittery red scarf to wear tonight as well. It's made with the "net" yarn, "Rozetti Yarns Marina Glitz". This style of scarf is absolutely addictive - they're easy to make and quite cute....and the variety of colors is fabulous!!!!

Once again, my "Christmas Cactus" is actually a "Valentine's Cactus". I have no idea how/why my Christmas Cactus has decided that Valentine's Day is the day to bloom rather than on Christmas, but I'm definitely enjoying the blooms!

My "Valentine's Plant" was also blooming - I have somehow managed to keep this one alive for about 10 years! (A record for me!) I love the bright red flowers and the scrolled design on the heart shaped leaves. The Cyclamen is the perfect plant for Valentine's Day - red flowers and heart-shaped leaves!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dark and Stormy

I finally decided on my project for my Nerd Wars Dissertation - it's "Dark and Stormy". I fell in love with this pattern at the end of the last round of Nerd Wars. I won a prize from the team "draw" and this is the pattern I selected. I LOVE the cabling down the middle of the back and the more subtle designs around the button bands.

I even did a gauge swatch.....and it came out right on gauge! Wahoo!!!! I'm pretty sure I'm going to go with the reindeer pewter buttons rather than the white, grey, and black glass buttons.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Rug Hooking Inspiration

Wow! Ruth has finished her gorgeous rug! I believe it's the same one she was working on at the "Hook-in" last month. It's gorgeous! I'm always drawn to the ocean and water, so Ruth's lighthouse on the shore captures the view I love.

This has given me a bit of a jump start as well. I finished the trees and cherries after the hook-in. I got busy stripping the pale green and mottled green wool for the sky of my "sheepscape"!

Saturday, February 04, 2012


I knitted up this cute little fellow as an entry for Nerd Wars on Ravelry. He was inspired by the mnemonic I learned in 9th grade that helps me spell "separate" correctly. My English teacher taught us this mnemonic phrase:

"Separate has 'a rat' in the middle."

I also remember the following helpful phrase...from the same class:

"All right is two words....just like all wrong."

The pattern I used is "Rat" from Lily Sugar 'n Cream. It's an easy knit...and a lot of fun. I was amazed at how many people find a knitted rat "cute"....but are disgusted by real ones....LOL!!!

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

First Skein of Miss Babs Complete!

I finally finished my first skein of Miss Babs roving in the "Iris" colorway. It's a blend of Merino and silk...or is it BFL and silk? Darn it...I need to find my tag. Either way, it's absolutely luscious! The silk gives the wool a lovely sheen and the resulting yarn is VERY soft.

This very full bobbin made a lovely skein of approximately 840 yards!!!

I have several 4 oz. bundles of her roving, so I'm planning to spin it all for a larger project....perhaps a sweater? I'll probably have to double it as I've spun it so thin!

Recipe Idea....Mmmmmm!

Oh...I forgot to mention the great recipe idea I got at the Lancaster retreat: Grilled Cheese Croutons! The chef got the idea during the summer camp season. The camp where the retreat is held at is a summer camp for kids. When they have grilled cheese sandwiches, there are typically a number of left over sandwiches. Rather than letting them go to waste, the chef makes croutons from them! What a great idea! (They're DELICIOUS!!!!) Hats off to the chef for this great "take-away idea"!

Grilled Cheese Croutons
  1. Cut up left over grilled cheese sandwiches into cubes and place in bowl
  2. Sprinkle with garlic powder and paprika
  3. Toss until well coated with the spices
  4. Lay "croutons" out on a cookie tray and bake in the oven at 350 for a few minutes (until they crisp up a bit)
  5. Voila! Tasty home made croutons!