Have Ewe Any Wool?

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Unusual Tools for Spinning

One of the challenges this month with Nerd Wars was to craft something using atypical tools – either spinning, knitting, weaving or crocheting.   Since I’d learned how to “spin with a rock” earlier this fall, I thought it would be fun to spin and ply a small skein of yarn using a rock…and other unsual tools.



I started with some very fluffy Rambouillet wool – very squishy and lovely to work with.  I spun like a fiend using my rock and little stick/piece of wood.











I finished the singles….then needed to ply them together.  I decided to build a "Lazy Kate” out of empty toilet paper rolls, some chopsticks, some rubber bands, and an empty shoe box. 



I wound each single onto one of the toilet paper rolls.






Next, I mounted the “spooled singles” onto the chopsticks of my “Lazy Kate”.





I then plied the two singles together to create a two-ply yarn…again, using just  the rock and small piece of wood.




I skeined the resulting yarn using a niddy-noddy that was just the lid of the shoe box.  





finished_skein_best The resultant skein of 20+ yards of heavy worsted yarn is proof positive that you don’t HAVE to have expensive equipment in order to spin yarn!  It takes a lot longer to spin this way than with the drop spindle, so I think I’ll stick with the drop spindle for hand spinning!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Dalahast Stocking – Finished!


I finally tacked down the inside facing of the Dalahast Stocking.  I’ve added the hanging loop and am now ready to ship it off to my “secret swap partner”.  I can’t wait for her to see it – I think she’ll really like it.






I also made a couple more of the ruffled mesh scarves.  I find them so addictive!   They come in such lovely colors!  The red one uses “Chrysalis” from Yarn Bee and the blue/grey one is made with Flounce.  I really like the softness of the finer mesh in the KFI “Flounce”….but there’s something more visually appealing to me about the large mesh – like that of “Chysalis”.



I knit a little first aid clutch and lined it with felt….creating little pockets for first aid supplies.   I’ll either put in my car or in my knitting bag.  I plan to included both Bandaids and antibacterial ointment.   If I keep it in my car, I’ll never be without first aid when I go to fiber festivals….knit-ins….hook-ins….etc.

 IMG_4619  IMG_4620

Monday, November 19, 2012

Dogfish Head Brewery – Rehoboth

DH, some friends and I trekked on over to Rehoboth Beach  to tour the Dogfish Head Brewery in Milton, Delaware.  We couldn’t really enjoy the beach – it was a bit too chilly.   I also managed to visit Kitschy Stitch  - a nice little yarn store right off the main street in Rehoboth on Lake St. 

I’m more of a wine person than a beer person, but Dogfish Head does have some appeal.  They’re a craft brewery that creates an amazing variety of really tasty beers.  They pretty much have a beer for every taste.   I like the “crafty uniqueness” of their brand and their beer….Guess it just appeals to the “crafter” in me – evidently, my love of crafts is not just limited to needlework!


IMG_4525Here’s a view of the entrance - complete with a close up of the “steam punk” inspired “Tree House” where management meetings may be held?  Whatever the use, I find it very unique and appealing.


Once inside, more unique craftiness is displayed…











Check out the turkey below…made from a beer bottle and labels from their Namaste beer – too cute!


DH and I posted at the base of the Tree House….but the shots a bit had to see as it was getting dark


Of course, since it was getting dark, I felt compelled to take a couple of sunset shots!

IMG_4543 IMG_4545

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dalahast and Sunsets

Every year, a group of us on line creates a Christmas Stocking, a Bag, or a Basket of some sort as a “Gift Conveyance Device” (GCD) in which we stuff a small gift for each day of Advent.  It serves as an Advent Calendar of sorts.   Everyone in the group that wants to participates…and it doesn’t matter what religion….or even if no religion.   We adapt the GCD to meet the personal preferences and/or beliefs of the recipient.

This year, I decided to knit the “Dalahast Stocking” – from the Interweave Knits Holiday magazine.   I had a lot of fun knitting it, and I love the way it turned out.  I wish I’d knitted just a bit looser at the top where the Fair Isle is, but that’s something I’m working on.  I always knit Fair Isle just a bit too tight.

The design of this is fabulous.  There’s a knitted “facing” that you fold down on the inside to cover all the floats from the Fair Isle.  Thus, there’s no need to worry about floats of 5-6 stitches!  Nothing will get caught.




This photo shows how the facing is “knitted on” – it’s basically just a continuation of the stocking itself.




Here’s the inside…with the facing still up to expose the “floats”.  (My floats were at max 2 stitches long, so the facing wasn’t absolutely necessary, but I believe it gave it a more finished look on the inside.)






Here’s a view of how the facing looks folded down on the inside – prior to sewing.




I’ll end this post with a series of photos of the gorgeous sunset we had about a week ago.  I LOVE the colors!   So much pink and purple!