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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dalahast and Sunsets

Every year, a group of us on line creates a Christmas Stocking, a Bag, or a Basket of some sort as a “Gift Conveyance Device” (GCD) in which we stuff a small gift for each day of Advent.  It serves as an Advent Calendar of sorts.   Everyone in the group that wants to participates…and it doesn’t matter what religion….or even if no religion.   We adapt the GCD to meet the personal preferences and/or beliefs of the recipient.

This year, I decided to knit the “Dalahast Stocking” – from the Interweave Knits Holiday magazine.   I had a lot of fun knitting it, and I love the way it turned out.  I wish I’d knitted just a bit looser at the top where the Fair Isle is, but that’s something I’m working on.  I always knit Fair Isle just a bit too tight.

The design of this is fabulous.  There’s a knitted “facing” that you fold down on the inside to cover all the floats from the Fair Isle.  Thus, there’s no need to worry about floats of 5-6 stitches!  Nothing will get caught.




This photo shows how the facing is “knitted on” – it’s basically just a continuation of the stocking itself.




Here’s the inside…with the facing still up to expose the “floats”.  (My floats were at max 2 stitches long, so the facing wasn’t absolutely necessary, but I believe it gave it a more finished look on the inside.)






Here’s a view of how the facing looks folded down on the inside – prior to sewing.




I’ll end this post with a series of photos of the gorgeous sunset we had about a week ago.  I LOVE the colors!   So much pink and purple!












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