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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Perfect Blend

 IMG_4290 IMG_4291 While in NY for the NY Sheep and Wool Festival, I was absolutely thrilled to find that Saugerties now boasts a wonderful knitting shop called “The Perfect Blend” – Tea and Yarn!   What could be better!!!


IMG_4297The shop is owned by Mary…the wife of one of my classmates.  She is such a fabulous hostess that even if you don’t know her, she immediately makes you feel at home.   The shop is warm and cozy and has an amazing variety of fabulous yarns and patterns….both national brands as well as some unique local yarn!   Of course, you can sip on some tea and peruse the pattern books while relaxing at the little cafe table at the front of the store.



Tea, teapots, and tea bags…

Yarn, projects, and patterns…

All in a friendly and cozy atmosphere.




  IMG_4300 IMG_4299


I love this place!





In addition to the cozy shop, Mary rented the empty shop space next door for a “knit-in” area – a very welcoming place to come and sit, knit, and relax each evening during the NY Sheep and Wool Festival.   Everyone was welcome to come in to sit and knit and chat.   There was tea, wine, juice, and tons of snacks – including some fabulous home made cookies and a wonderful pumpkin cream cheese spread.   She and her staff went all out! 






Some quilters lent some of their quilts to decorate the walls and make it feel more homey.  It was fabulous!   There were two main seating areas forming small circles…and then another area with hay bales for that rustic/fall-like feel.







Some of the quilts were “for sale”….and I decided I “needed” the on on the far right (above) – the one with all the pieced maple leaves.  I just LOVE it!

Mary also had the patterns and yarns of a couple of local fiberists on display…and even had some of them come by the shop to sit and chat.   Featured at her shop are yarns and or patterns by:  “Cottage on the Hudson”, “Jill Draper Makes Stuff”,  and “Woodstock Knits”.  I purchase a glove kit from Cottage on the Hudson that includes a pattern that belonged to her grandmother I believe.  It’s absolutely gorgeous!   I purchased some fabulous hand-dyed yarns from “Jill Draper Makes Stuff” and some fabulous patterns from “Woodstock Knits”.


What a fabulous time I had!  Saturday night I met Heidi - the girl behind “Woodstock Knits” (photo on left) and purchased a fabulous pattern that will make use of the brown and grey alpaca DK from Misty Mountain Farm!



IMG_4378 My friend Cathy even enjoyed visiting the store, though she was almost overwhelmed by all the yarns an knitted samples that were on display.  She fell in love with a Flounce scarf that was on display and was very excited when I offered to buy the yarn and knit the scarf for her.   She loves it! 



I highly recommend this shop if you’re ever in the area.   Stop in…have some tea….and get inspired by all the beautiful yarns and projects!


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