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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bluemont Festival

On Sunday, I helped out with the Blue Ridge Spinners and Weavers booth in Bluemont.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day!   Perfect for an outdoor festival.   I love all the crafters that are at the festival….and of course, the apple dumplings served by the Methodist Church.  (We’d  had a bit of excitement earlier……when things has been setup on Friday Night and the tent all zipped up, a bit of a windstorm had come through and uprooted all the tents!!!!   The tent tops were found in a nearby field!  The Saturday group had the “fun” of re-checking all the goods, finding alternate tents, and gathering the somewhat battered and broken tents that were strewn across the field!)

Our booth had lots of our creations for sale –  woven towels, scarves, bookmarks, baby blankets and rugs – you name it!  There were also many items -  hats, scarves, mittens, shawls/shawlettes.   And of course, some lovely hand spun yarn – both in wool and alpaca.  I thought that these felted sheep were the cutest things!  


bluemont_beth_teaching As always, one of the best things that happens at these festivals is the sharing of our skills with the public – especially the children.   Everyone had a great time learning to weave or spin.   Deb even had the inkle loom setup so the kids could weave bookmarks that she’d later mail to them once they were cut from the loom.


Oh…and I almost forgot!   There were a few cute animals being shown off as well….like these cute alpacas.



After a lovely day at the festival, I returned home just in time to walk the dog.   The clouds and the sky were spectacular!  The subtle changes made to the the intensity of the color as well as the general hue of the clouds as the sun begins to set are just gorgeous!   They’re both soothing and comforting….washing the day away and enveloping me in a fresh evening.











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