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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Weaving – Day Two

The weaving experience continues at the Barefoot Weaver’s Studio…just in time for day 2 – warping the loom.

warp1_bestHere’s the “raw warp” – bundled nicely and ready to be put on the loom.  Looks like a bit of a tangled mess, but it’s actually very organized and ready to lay out on the loom


We warped from front to back – it was relatively painless….just a bit time consuming.   I had no miss-threads – hurrah!   As a result, I was able to start weaving right away. 














Ready to weave….the warp is tight, and I have the “guiding clamps” on the opposite side to help keep my scarf the same size throughout the weaving process.









I didn’t get much accomplished as it took me until 4 pm to get the loom warped!  Luckily, Beth is very flexible….and we all were able to schedule time during the week or next weekend to finish our projects. I’ll finish up next weekend…..



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