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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Birthday 2012…and the Celebration Continues!

sheep_bowl_2 This year, I’ve experienced the birthday celebration that never ends!   My friend Lisa gave me an absolutely gorgeous yarn bowl for my birthday.  She’d discovered the artist’s  work somewhere and then special ordered the perfect yarn bowl for me.  I just love it!


For those of you not familiar with a yarn bowl, it’s great for “containing” your yarn and allows it to easily roll within the bowl (so it doesn’t pick up lint or animal hair) and it’s kept virtually tangle free by feeding through the slit shown in the photo above.   The two photos below show the remainder of the sheepscape on the bowl.

sheep_bowl_3 sheep_bowl_1






But that’s not all!   Lisa absolutely spoiled me!   She took me to dinner at the Kennedy Center at the Rooftop Restaurant.   We had an absolutely fabulous dinner – everything was absolutely delicious!

After dinner, she treated me a performance of Giselle performed by the Paris Opera Ballet.  It was fabulous!   I’d never seen Giselle before, so this was quite a treat.   It’s especially nice as Lisa enjoys the ballet just as much as I do.  In a word, the evening was PERFECT!


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