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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Western Loudoun Artist Studio Tour

loudoun_6_sampling Once again, Blue Ridge Spinners and Weaver’s participated in the Western Loudoun Studio tour.  There were lots of GORGEOUS hand crafted item to purchase – from yarns to finished shawls, scarves, an other goodies.    I spent most of the day on Sunday demonstrating spinning with some of my fellow guild members.  

loudoun_me_and_coverlet_best The big bonus of the day was that I actually won the drawing for the hand woven coverlet!   I was both astonished and absolutely thrilled beyond belief.  (Can you see the absolute joy in my eyes????) This coverlet is incredible – definitely a work of art!   Each square was made by a member of the guild…and Chantal, with her expertise as a seamstress, stitched it all together into this fabulous “Objet d’Art!”  (I felt like I had just won the Miss America contest….tears came to my eyes and everything!!!

Of course, I’m still fascinated with looms….and will be taking a class on how to weave soon!   Check out these cuties that filled the room….and the cute little tape loom as well!

loudoun_4_looms loudoun_tape_loom

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