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Thursday, May 03, 2012

Nightscapes…Playing with Stamps and Ink

This class was a lot of fun!   We created many scenes using stamps – primarily to make landscapes.   This class focused on "Nightscapes”.   The instructor covered various techniques – scratchboard, stamping to create scenes using individual stamps, and coloring techniques.

 Here’s one of the cards I finished….this was so much fun!  (I know I have a couple of others, but I evidently didn’t photograph them.)


I felt so creative after this class – it’s amazing how a few well placed stamps can create a complete scene!

As a bonus before class, we had the chance to create a hand crafted Mother’s Day card.   I love the flower on this….and had a lot of fun coloring it in.   Mom will be surprised….a hand made card!


And now for some nature photos….I found a gorgeous iris and a startled deer while wandering the neighborhood on my daily dog walk.  I have a “thing” for irises….I love how they look.  This one was particularly vibrant, and was in a color I don’t normally see.   As for the deer,  I’m always amazed at how close we can get to them without spooking them.   They’re not afraid at all…my dog always gets in a “stare down” with them – LOL!




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