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Thursday, April 19, 2012


Since there was a post dedicated to a sunrise this past weekend, I needed to give equal time to a sunset.   These photos are in the order that I took them.  They were all taken from the time I left the restaurant on Saturday evening until I arrived back at The Maples.   I was amazed at the effect the differences in light and ambient light had on the sunset pictures!


The first two shots (above) were from right outside the restaurant.  The next two were a short walk away...I was amazed that it brought the pink near the bridge and on the horizon seemed to "rise" - the sun's rays were reflecting upwards.



I was amazed at how bright these photos were....the actual sunset was a bit to the right...and this was the view straight across the water.   In the photo on the right, you can see the bridge - the actual sun was just a bit to the right of that.


 Two views of the same basic scene.   The more distant one took in mor ambient light - the one on the right was zoomed a bit and as a result, was much darker.   I love the tree silouetted against the water and the sunset.   (Three of these photos are the same basic scene..but I love the differences when I have them in landscape vs. portrait...or even the near vs. distant views. )


The two photos above are personal favorites.   I love the deep colors in the sky...and I really love the silouettes of the birds on the shore.   If you double click on the photo on the above right, the bird's eye is white making it look like a flat wooden decoration with a cut-out for an eye rather than a living bird.    I love that effect!


The sun's final burst of light...just before sinking below the horizon. (Once again, the photos above are the same shot...but the one on the right is zoomed in and takes in less ambient light...making it a bit darker.)


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