Have Ewe Any Wool?

Thursday, March 22, 2012


At the start of last week in Illinois, I took mom out for dinner at the Curl Inn in Triumph. It's a quaint little town that includes a curling rink....and folks from all the way up in Chicago have been known to rent the rink for their matches.

The night we were there, the Triumph Curling team was not playing, but instead, there was a group from the Chicago suburbs. Mom hadn't been to a curling rink since high school....and it had been about 30 years since I'd been here for a visit!


Check out this adorable hat! I just love it!!! (Of course I had to work some knitting into the post!) 

We definitely enjoyed watching the game - I still don't understand the rules, but I love watching it! It's a great diversion from the norm, which is something we definitely needed at this point! (It's also making me want to watch the movie, "Men With Brooms" again.)

The final moments of a stone....

Start to finish of a stone...


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