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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!!!


Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

Happy Valentine's Day! What a lovely day...I always look forward to Valentine's Day. DH and I have a tradition of flowers and heart-shaped brownies....as well as a nice romantic dinner out.

This year, he got me purple irises and red tulips. Red being the more traditional color for Valentine's Day and purple being my favorite color....and irises are one of my favorite flowers. What a sweetie!!!!
(I just love the inside of tulips...they're so pretty.)

I made myself a glittery red scarf to wear tonight as well. It's made with the "net" yarn, "Rozetti Yarns Marina Glitz". This style of scarf is absolutely addictive - they're easy to make and quite cute....and the variety of colors is fabulous!!!!

Once again, my "Christmas Cactus" is actually a "Valentine's Cactus". I have no idea how/why my Christmas Cactus has decided that Valentine's Day is the day to bloom rather than on Christmas, but I'm definitely enjoying the blooms!

My "Valentine's Plant" was also blooming - I have somehow managed to keep this one alive for about 10 years! (A record for me!) I love the bright red flowers and the scrolled design on the heart shaped leaves. The Cyclamen is the perfect plant for Valentine's Day - red flowers and heart-shaped leaves!


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