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Thursday, January 12, 2012

More Hand Hooked Rugs for Inspiration!

At our monthly rug hooker's meeting, there were several inspiring rugs - either completed or in progress. They're all so beautiful!

How can you not love the "Lion and the Lamb"?

Or the cute little animals???

My favorite is the one on the right - it's the front door of Jeanette's MIL's house in Belgium. It reminds me of art deco! I just LOVE it!

I'm STILL on my first real project. It's coming along...slowly, but surely! It still doesn't look like much, so no photo update at the moment. I've nearly finished the branches of the tree and am almost ready to start the leaves and cherries. It has DEFINITELY been a learning process for me and my project will serve as a reminder of "what NOT to do" once it's completed!


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