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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Nerd Wars Dissertation...Not Quite Done

I really struggled with my "Sparkle Diamonds Shrug". When I was following the chart, I kept losing my place...even with marking tape beneath the line I was on!

After many false start and MUCH ripping out, I finally decided to write out the pattern in words. That was the trick! I successfully knit more on my shrug Christmas week than I had in the previous one and a half months! If only I'd thought to do this sooner, I might have finished the shrug in time for my Nerd Wars Dissertation! (Sorry about the quality of the photos...my cell phone photos aren't very good.)

Finally...I'm over the half way point! Hurray! I will have a shrug before Spring! Wahoo!!!! I've completed just over three and a half repeats of the six required for the main chart...that's in addition to the cuff. Only two and half repeats of the pattern, then the other cuff....a bit of seaming and I'm done! Well....it won't happen that fast...each repeat is 40 rows, so that's 100 rows PLUS the cuff.

I love how the shrug is turning out - it's an awesome color and a gorgeous pattern. (Check out the closeup for a more accurate view of the colors).


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