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Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy 80th Dad!

Last week, I headed to Illinois for a quick trip to help my dad celebrate his 80th birthday! When I arrived, I was just in time for a gorgeous sunset and a Kumla dinner. Kumla is a potato dumpling....mmmmm!!!!!! (Yes...more of that Scandinavian food!)

Happy Birthday Dad!!!!

It was a busy week - mom did a great job putting together the party. I helped with the setup and cleanup, but mom did all the planning and coordinating. We had a great time - lots of cake, punch, and visits with many friends and relatives.

(Yeah...I know it looks like the same photo, but they are slightly different. In the first one, I'm in the middle of the back row, and in the other, my cousin Pam is in the middle.)

While I was in Illinois, I got quite a bit of drop spindle spinning done as well as some spinning of the gorgeous Wool/Bamboo/Silk from Miss Babs on my wheel. (Sorry...I forgot to take pictures of my spinning!)

I even managed to work some knitting into my schedule. I knit a pair of bed socks for my mom for Christmas. I had to have her try them one while I was there - just so I could make them fit "just right". She was absolutely thrilled that she was getting another pair. (She's still got one unused pair in reserve, just in case!) I also had to darn two pairs that I'd made in the past. She definitely gets lots of use out of these socks!

I'm thrilled that my mom wears the socks - even to the point of needing darning. It shows they're well used...and well loved. I've made her some face cloths and dish cloths in the past. She's decided that they're "too pretty" to use! I was happy to see that the flower shaped face cloth in cotton velour is now being used. Not as a wash cloth...but as a doily - but hey...it's being used!!!

Oh...and a bit of "funny". I took mom out to dinner at a local Restaurant, Monari's 101, as an early birthday dinner. I just love the movie, "A Christmas Story" (set in the 1940's) and was amazed that the restaurant had a replica of the "Major Prize" proudly displayed in their window! Too funny!


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