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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

NewYork Sheep and Wool

It's October...the leaves are falling, the wind is whipping and there's a chill in the air.

It must be time for the NY Sheep and Wool Festival!!!! I made my annual trek to NY to help my friends, Linda and Leanna, with their booth at the NY Sheep and wool Festival.

I stayed with my good friend Cathy. The apartments where she lives are somewhat secluded and have a fantastic view of the Esopus Creek and the Catskill Mountains. I always feel like I'm at a mountain retreat when I stay here.

Of course, I have to share my quarters with her five precious cats. (Only 4 are pictured here because "Gracie" is blind and tends to hide whenever she hears a stranger.) All but one of the cats were feral...but they've become the most loving and sweet cats...mainly because Cathy socialized and treated them well. I'm a dog person, but I find that I'm just as attached to these furry friends as I am to any dog. And...unlike the typical cat, these guys aren't aloof and they love to interact with "their humans"...Rusty will even snuggle.

Joey and Rusty...

Shelley and Mama...

On to the festival...

The booth setup was a bit more open this year...making it much easier to get around when the booth got crowded. The roving was twisted into long braids and hung to form the "wall of roving" - I just love all the colors!

With the setup complete, I snapped a couple more photos. Leanna (in the distance) is definitely ready for the booth to open!

The booth stayed steadily busy...and was swamped much of Saturday, so I didn't venture out much during the festival. My shopping was pretty much limited to before the official opening. I did manage to find some awesome patterns....all I need is the time! Of course, I did quite a bit of shopping in the Misty Mountain Farm booth - I LOVE their yarns and fibers!

I got a fabulous surprise on Saturday - a Ravelry friend from the UK, Hannah, stopped by the booth to say "Hi"! She had "Wandering Woolomena" with her - our Ravelry group's equivalent of "Flat Stanley". Woolomena was crafted by Pat and has been sent out to explore the world. I was absolutely thrilled to meet Hannah in person! I've spoken to her on line a number of times...especially in the MA Ravelry group. Meeting Woolomena at the same time was an added bonus!

I also managed to slip out to check out the tapestry that my friend Cindy had finished. It was on display at the the tapestry loom booth. I watched Cindy sketch out and start this project about 1 1/2 years ago...and then she tore it out and started it again. I saw the start of this new version about 6 months ago. It was great to see it finished!!! Hopefully, she'll bring it to our retreat in January so we can all get a closer view.

And now for my rant...

The down side of this year's show was that one of the customers unwrapped a lovely scarf/stole from the Alpaca yarn display at the Misty Mountain Farm booth and walked away with it. It definitely took a lot of nerve to steal a hand crafted item - especially an item that's constantly referenced as an example...and typically only 3-4 ft. away from the workers in the booth! It was a gorgeous basket weave pattern in dark charcoal grey and white (the plies in the yarn was all dark charcoal except the one strand of white...giving it a tweedy effect). The scarf is extra wide, so it could be used as a nice thick scarf or as a stole. The person obviously has no respect for the crafter...total disregard for the law...and hopefully, has found such utter contempt for his or her self that he or she cannot bear to wear the stolen scarf!!! (Internally, I keep hoping that this disgusting person is NOT a crafter...I would hate to think that someone that KNOWS the time and effort that goes into creating a hand crafted item would stoop so low as to steal the work of another!)


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