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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Norwegian Crafts and Fiber Arts Inspirations

This has been a fun packed weekend so far - full of crafty inspirations!

First, at the Sons of Norway meeting last night, there display of traditional Norwegian Crafts. Several lodge members displayed their projects - Hardanger Lace, Weaving, Needlework, a stained glass Norwegian Flag, children's toys for creating Viking villages,and a collection of dolls and teddy bears.

This morning, I attended a Foothills Spinners and Weavers meeting....and promptly joined their group. Several members had some awesome goodies to display. So many incredible inspirations!

This quilt was awesome - it was definitely a labor of love and took several years to complete. I love the combination of the yellows and the blues. Each square is different - what a lovely sampler. The quilter did it entirely by hand! What a fabulous project!

Sharon's shawl is absolutely gorgeous! It's 100% silk - a very elegant and beautiful shawl - definitely one to add to my "to-do" list! On the right, another member "modeled" the scarves that the girl on my right wove (I don't remember anyone's name!!!!) I love how the colors morph in and out throughout the scarves. (The pattern is from the 60 scarves book published by the Baltimore guild.)

Sandy's woven scarf was made from her hand spun that she'd used the "fractal method" of spinning. She split some space dyed roving down the middle and spun it to create the first ply. She then split the second half of the roving again and spun it sequentially. This caused some subtle variations as the colors between the two plies would sometimes line up and sometimes drift. I love the result!

Finally, the group had met during the summer for a pottery adventure. The intent was for everyone to create a cute sheep bowl like the one below in the photo on the left. However, as usually happens when you get a bunch of crafty people together, it morphed into something else.....and instead of creating the sheep bowls, most of them made buttons or smaller bowls. It looks like they had a fabulous time...and the buttons are absolutely gorgeous!


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