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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Spinning Progress

I've really made progress on the Merino for the spinning challenge - three down, one to go!!! I had completed the pink a few weeks ago, but now, I've finished both the dark blue and the teal. Normally, I spin quit thin - typically a sport weight...DK at the most. However, for this challenge, I need to create yarn to knit a bag with...and I'm thinking that a worsted to heavy worsted yarn would be perfect for that! The struggle for me is spinning thick...rather than thin. I've managed to spin thicker, but it's not quite as consistent as I would like.

While I was in "spinning mode", I plied some yarn that I've had languishing on the bobbins for several months. Actually, it's been so long that I forgot the actual fiber content! I believe it's a 70% Merino/30% Tencel blend....but it's entirely possible that its the Merino/Silk blend instead! If only I could find the empty fiber bag!!! The plied skein weighs in at 3.8 oz. and the single a mere .5 oz. I love the softness and the color. This will definitely "grow up" to be something to be worn against the skin. Most likely a scarf or shawlette.


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