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Thursday, September 01, 2011

Finished Projects!

Wahoo! FINALLY....finished projects!

First is the ruffled scarf that I made from Katia "Triana" - a web-like yarn that you knit on relatively large needles to produce a "self-ruffling" scarf. It was relatively quick and fun to knit - the yarn does all the work! I LOVE how this looks!

My second finished project is the "Holden Shawl" - aka "The Crimson Tide". This is made with the combed Targhee from Sweetwater. It was a delight to spin and produced the most "springy" yarn I've ever spun. As a result, the shawl is very lightweight and airy...and VERY warm!

The shawl was finished with a picot bind-off, so I had to sew the beads on separately. I'm not totally pleased with how the beads hang. If I ever attach tear-drop shaped beads again, I think I'll put one or two round beads between the tear-drop and the shawl so the beads will have a bit more "dangle" to them.

My next projects??? I have a chevron scarf that's in progress in "Zara Baby", some "unborn socks" that I really need to start, and that pesky "Summer Garden Tee" that I keep messing up!!! But first, I need to get back to spinning - I need to finish spinning the yarn for the Blue Ridge Spinners and Weavers "Spinning Challenge"!


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