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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Totally Crafty Week

Wow....what a week! A crafty day on Saturday, then a delightful three days in a row of "crafty get togethers" midweek to be followed by two days of crafting this coming weekend - rug hooking on Saturday and spinning on Sunday! I think I'm running on overload....but I LOVE it!

Saturday was the Knitting Day at the Mannings. I kept waffling about going, but my friend Mary talked me into it and swung by to pick me up. I had a fabulous time - bought some patterns, a few skeins of yarn, and some roving. And I won a door prize! A raspberry colored skein of Malabrigo (yummmmmm!!!!!) complete with a pattern for a cowl. It was a very relaxing day of knitting, eating, and chatting with only minor interruptions from the rain. Our "setup" is on the left - Mary managed to run off before the photo, but I did managed to catch Jeanne's back. I even ran into my PA friends, Judy and Beth (right). These pictures say it all - a fabulous relaxing day...just knitting.

Tuesday night was Centreville Spinners. I continued to work on the Solitude Targhee that I'd hand dyed earlier this year. I'm getting close! I should finish it up and ply it by the weekend! FINALLY! I also got to pick up my prizes from the latest contest - some gorgeous blue hand-dyed Merino - I think I'll call this "Summer Seas". As a bonus, I also got a hand crafted wooden orifice hook. Wahoo!

Wednesday was dedicated to Reston SnB. I made some great progress on my Holden Shawl...now that my hand spun has been put into a ball! I think this is the largest ball of yarn I've ever wound on my ball winder. There's not enough room for even another inch of yarn!

I've put my Summer Garden Tee in time out for a bit. I keep messing up on the increases...grrrr!!!! Last Saturday, I tore back nearly all the rows that I'd completed...for the third time, so I just didn't have to the heart to try working on it again! It's been over a month and I've only managed about 1 inch so far. I've probably knitted at total of six inches - I just keep re-knitting the same few rows over and over! Ugh!

Thursday evening was dedicated to Goose Creek Ruggers. Our president finished her rug from a workshop she'd taken earlier this year. It's absolutely gorgeous! I just love the colors!

I managed to finish the body of the sheep on my first official rug hooking project and now need to start cutting more strips so I can start on the hill and the tree. It's really coming along! I used my fabric stripper for the first time last night to make some strips - I love tools! Now I just need to get some more cut up for the Hook-In!


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