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Friday, July 15, 2011

Tour de Fleece Progress


Wahoo! I finished the first bobbin of the red combed Targhee from Sweetgrass Fiber last Wednesday. Last night, I finished the second bobbin. (It doesn't look like much, but the Louet bobbins are HUGE - there's 2 ounces of spun singles on each of the bobbins.

Tonight, I finished plying. the singles came out nearly perfectly even. I used about 1 1/2 feet of the singles to tie my skein together, and the small string shown in the photo on the right is all I have left of the singles. Talk about "waste not, want not", eh? Generally, I have a substantial amount of singles left over, but this time, I weighed the fiber in order to split it in half...and that seemed to do the trick!

The plied yarn appears to be well balanced, however, part of that may be because the yarn has "lost some energy" as it sat on the bobbin waiting to be plied. None the less, all I need to do now is soak the yarn and then hang it to dry to set the twist. Then I'll be ready to start the "Holden Shawl" - my dissertation for the latest round of "Nerd Wars". "Tour de Fleece" is really helped keep me on target - spinning every day ensured that I would make great progress on the hand spun that I committed to creating and using for the "Holden Shawl".

I've also got both ounces of the Shetland that I hand spindled wound into center pull balls. Next step in this process is to ply them together using the drop spindle. I've never plied with the drop spindle before, so this could be a bit of a challenge! My first obstacle will be determining what I'll use for a lazy kate...and how I'll tension the singles for plying.

Last night, I was totally inspired at the Goose Creek Ruggers guild meeting to try my hand at hooking a "stained glass" style rug. I love how it's all outlined in black...just like stained glass. It's stunning! (Sorry about the quality of the photo...I'd forgotten my camera, so all I had was my cell phone.)

I'll end with a few nature shots. The weather has been absolutely beautiful the past few days, so I took full advantage of it...wandering through the neighborhood with my four-legged buddy...and discovering all sorts of butterflies enjoying the local thistles. (Be sure to double click on the photos for a closer look.)


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