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Sunday, June 26, 2011



Today was another fabulous June day - mild temperatures (80's) and low humidity! A rarity this time of year!!! My friend Paula and I headed downtown to the Kennedy Center to see "Wicked"!

We stopped at the cafe, "Cuppa Cuppa" across from the Kennedy Center for lunch and coffee. I managed to get quite a bit of drop spindling in while waiting for show time!

I continued drop spindle spinning until it was time to go inside. I've almost completed half of the second ounce! I'm almost ready to start plying with the drop spindle....just another half ounce or so to go.

Here's a closeup of the action...and the drafting process

The show was absolutely fabulous! It's the second time I've seen it. My daughter took me the first time, a couple of years ago. The second showing was just as fantastic as the first. It's definitely a must see...it will be here through August, so you've got plenty of time!

After the show, we checked out the Sound Installation by a group from Australia. We could talk to each other through the megaphone-like objects...and could hear others talking as well. It was fascinating trying to figure out whose voice(s) we were hearing. Paula, her sister in law and I even tried our hand at singing...and ended up singing a bit off key with lots of giggles. All in all, a fabulous time! The folks in the straw hats were part of the installation and wandered around observing how we all reacted to and interacted with the installation. (At times, I felt like I was a lab rat...my actions noted and analyzed....LOL!!!!)

I always love going the the Kennedy Center. JFK was my favorite president. I was was young when he was assassinated, but it left a life long impact on me. I love reading his quotes on the side of the building. (Double click on the photos for a readable view of the quotes.)


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