Have Ewe Any Wool?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Knitting Progress

I'm making the "Wind and Sea" hat using Louet EuroFlax Linen that was hand-dyed by Blue Ridge Yarns. I just love the purples and blues! Right now, the hat looks like something Gilligan would wear on "Gilligan's Island" - LOL! I'm sure it will look much more "hat-like" once I get the millinery wire in place!

I finished a little knitted project bag out of grey and red Shepherd's Wool. It has a lightning design from the "Lightning Bolt" chart by Kathy Eskritt. The lightning bolt design was added to the bag using the Fair Isle method and is in honor of Ben Franklin and the discovery of electricity. I love little drawstring bags and this was a fun and mindless knit.

My second coral colored rose of the season has bloomed! The temperature and volume of sunlight caused this one to mature quite quickly. This will probably be my last bloom on this rose bush...the Japanese beetles will start "going to town" in the next couple of weeks. (It happens every year.)

When I left the house for the dog walk this evening, I spotted this little guy right by my back door. He can squeeze through the fencing I have around my Hostas!!!! He's a brazen little fellow!!!


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