Have Ewe Any Wool?

Friday, June 10, 2011


I've been having a bit of fun knitting and felting some bowls. Actually, the proper term would be fulling rather than felting. The pattern I used was "Felted Flower Bowl" by Meg Myers . It knit up quickly and was quite easy. I used size 10 DPNs for this project.

I used some wool from stash for the first one - all blues and greens. I believe the wools are all Cascade 220. Unblocked, it almost looks like a child's cap.

I used some Shepherd's Wool from stash for the second one, but had to purchase some grey. I love how red, grey, and black look together.

I preferred my bowls to have a "lip", so while they were still wet, I formed them around my "OxiClean" container to create a flat bottom and folded the tops down to form the lip. The 24 oz. size of "OxiClean" was the perfect circumference for this!

And now for some nature...

On the dog walk this morning, I encountered both a bunny and a fox. There are several of them in our neighborhood...and neither are overly skittish of humans...or canines for that matter! The predator and prey were on different sides of the neighborhood, so there was no "high speed chase" and each could continue on with their daily business.

I've been keeping an eye on a nest that a mama bird has built under my deck. Normally, she flies off chirping away when I come near, but today, she stood her ground. Perhaps she's finally laid her eggs? I really need to get a mirror so I can check and see if there are eggs or little birds in the nest. I keep waiting to hear the little "cheeps" of the baby birds, but so far, nothing.


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