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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Frying Pan Park Farm Days

Saturday was the annual Frying Pan Park Farm Day. It's generally an event for families - especially the kids. There were all kinds of activities - churning butter, sheep dog demos, a puppet show, as "corn box", and arts and crafts....in addition to trying to spin and weave!

Jo and I volunteer to demo spinning and weaving every year and have a fabulous time. The kids really enjoy the "hands on" and so do the parents. Jo's stand for her rigid heddle loom was perfect for this venue. Next year, she may decide to skip the spinning wheel and just bring the looms!

Jo also brought her inkle loom - parents and kids alike were fascinated by weaving.

The alpacas from Capital Alpacas are always a hit too. The wools and yarn are wonderful!

The baby animals I visited back on April 13th have REALLY grown! I did find a new black and white baby goat (nursing), but all the rest were the babies I saw last month! They're "teenagers" now!


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