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Saturday, May 07, 2011

Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival - Day One

The weather was perfect! Just the right amount of breeze and a far cry from the scorching heat and humidity of last year. The shopping was awesome - all my favorite vendors were there...Tillie Thomas, Miss Babs, Solitude, Kiparoo, Misty Mountain Farm, Tuatha, The Spanish Peacock, Turnstyles, The Barefoot Spinner, and the list goes on! So many wonderful vendors in one spot!

This year, I helped with the fleece silent auction as well as the fleece sales, so I stopped in at the fair grounds a week prior to the festival. Check out this view of the parking lot and part of the main drag of the festival. Pretty barren!

Here's what that same area looks like when the festival begins - quite a difference, eh?

I really enjoyed chatting about the prize winning fleeces...they were gorgeous! My favorite is the black one in the center of the photo. It had a GORGEOUS deep black color and had a nice long staple length. (I later settled on a black Shetland fleece that I intend to process myself.)

Of course, in addition to the shopping, I had to check out the sheep. They're so cute! I also happened to find a cute Alpaca as well.

When I got home, I found that my daughter and her hubby had sent me a gorgeous bouquet for Mother's Day. What a perfect ending for a perfect day!


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