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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Frying Pan Park

My sister and nieces had an 8 hr. lay-over at Dulles, so I picked them up and spent the day with them...and of course, we had to go to Frying Pan Park to check out the baby animals. It was the perfect time to go - there were LOTS of babies! Lambs and baby pigs of all different ages as well as some goats and even a calf.

My personal favorites are the lambs...

This little calf has it's head tucked in and it's body curled up so tightly that it almost looks like a dog. I had no idea they would curl up like that.

Then, there's the young goats...always climbing....always looking for a way out...

Last, but not least, there were some cute little piggies. I'm always amazed that they're perfectly comfortable all stacked on top of each other!


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