Have Ewe Any Wool?

Thursday, March 31, 2011


As part of the Nerd Wars challenges on Ravelry, I decided to attempt making coasters/hot pads. Ideally, I was going for a finished coaster that was a bit smaller than this, but I'm pleased with the results none the less.

I started by knitting two rectangles out of Paton's Classic Wool. The sizes were approximately 6 3/4" by 8 1/2" before fulling.

After fulling, they were roughly 5 1/2" by 5 1/2" in size.

Once the coasters had dried, I then needle felted purple flowers (complete with stems) onto the blank coasters. I used "scraps" left over from my recent hand spinning - waste not, want not!

The coasters are a bit over-sized and can easily be used as coasters or as hot pads. Wool is fire resistant, so it's great for use as a hot pad - especially in knitted form.


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