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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spinning with the Animals

I almost forgot to post about the fabulous time I had spinning at Sharon's last week. She has the most adorable "four legged friends". There's the adorable and very loving Briggs...the Springer Spaniel. He LOVES to be pet and is very happy to lie down right next to your wheel...even "encroaching" on the pedals so you have no choice but to reach down and pet him as you scoot him out of your way..or snuggling close to a bag of roving as he's doing here. He's also very well behaved and content to just lay around on one of his beds...out of the way of the spinners!

The two bunnies are adorable. I believe that one is a lop eared bunny and the other is a German. The male bunny has a birth defect with his ears, so one is lop eared and the other is upright - both should be upright. He's absolutely adorable none the less.

Cinders, the "snuggle bug" of a cat, is always scheming for ways to get up on your lap. I welcomed her aboard while I was eating my lunch, but she soon lost interest the minute I started spinning and jumped over to an empty chair. Evidently I wasn't spending the appropriate amount of time stroking her fur - LOL!

I did manage to get a good start on the 660 g. of teal-green mohair from Avalon Springs Farm. The photo makes it look a bit blue, but it's actually much more green than it looks here. I LOVE the color. As usual, I have NO idea what I'll make with it!


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