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Monday, February 28, 2011

Another Spinning Project Completed!

My latest SAL entry, "Easter Eggs" in the Spring Bright colorway from Pagewood, is done! I started spinning the singles right after I finished plying the purple Merino. The singles were quite thin (left), so I knew it was a good candidate for Navajo plying...plus, I really wanted to preserve the distinct colors. The colors in the yarn remind me of coloring Easter eggs...such fond memories!

I didn't start plying until Sunday at the Centreville Library. I didn't quite finish it up at the meet-up, but managed to finish it later on Sunday evening. I Navajo plied the yarn, but for some reason, didn't have real good control. The final results are a little more "lumpy bumpy"-like than I like, but I'm still pleased with the overall result. The total weight of the skein is 4.3 ounces.

I had spun up some pure silk that I'd received from my friend "Bead Sue". It's a gorgeous green and purple colorway that looks fabulous! I can't wait to ply it. I definitely want to preserve the colors, so it will be Navajo plied as well. Hopefully I'll be a little more adept at that than I was for the "Easter Eggs" skein!

I started spinning my next project Sunday at the spinning meet-up as well. I'm calling it: "The Scottish Highlands in Spring". It's "GnomeGarden" Merino. I love all the greens and teals in the roving - it's absolutely gorgeous! I've now completed the first bobbin of singles - about 2 ounces spun up. I'm going to two-ply this one...no need to Navajo ply. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing the completed yarn - I'm expecting it to be somewhat tweedy looking and not really "barber polled".

On the knitting front, I've completed the back of my "Seville Cardigan" in pink "Mermaid" - cotton, wool, silk, and sea cell. I love how this yarn works up! Only the front, sleeves, and band to go! (Scheduled for completion by the end of April as part of the "Nerd Wars" on Ravelry.)


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