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Friday, February 11, 2011

The Case of the Bleeding Scarf

The scarf I made from the purple "Mystify" yarn by Plymouth bled all over my needles and on my fingers. I knew it would take lots of washing to get rid of all the excess dye. It was suggested that I wash it (left), rinse it, then put it in a basin of water with a handful of salt, and end with a final rinse (right). How simple, yet effective! That seemed to take care of the excess - check out the clear rinse after the salt treatment! Wahoo!

Then it was off to "blocking land". Success. Total success. There was no bleeding of purple onto the towel!

Here's the closeup of the pattern. Some parts look quite blue, but they're actually very purple. (For some reason, many shades of purple show as blue whenever I photograph them - both with and without the flash.)


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