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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Project Progress

I'm continuing to make progress on several knitting projects...and I even completed one. I'm just over the halfway mark on the the cuff of the second sock out of Panda Silk. Hopefully, I can get this sock completed by the end of the week so I can mark off one of my UFO's for this month!

I completed this scarf out of Wool-Ease "Thick and Quick". It's a basic child sized scarf. All I need to do is block it. This scarf will be donated to a friend who collects scarves and sells them and then donates the proceeds to fight Cancers of all kinds.

Finally, I have started "playing around" with Mitered squares. I really want to make one of the "left-over sock yarn" blankets...but first, I need to master my technique. I love how they turn out! I'm experimenting with how to put them together right now. The way I'm "building" it right now will produce a square blanket with flat edges, but I think I prefer the blankets that have the zig-zag edges. So much to explore!

I'm also doing some "stealth" knitting. Nothing very big, just a couple of small projects for some swaps. It's a lot of fun and it's for Valentine's Day - I love knitting small things that knit up quick. I guess I like the "immediate gratification" of small projects...and Valentine's Day projects are generally pretty cute!


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