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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tea Time

Thursday, I spent a relaxing afternoon with my friend Kathleen spinning, eating, and drinking tea. I got quite a bit of spinning done, but I STILL haven't finished the first bobbin of the pink Merino! I spin rather thin, so it takes forever to fill the bobbin.

My friend Catherine had a wonderful clear glass teapot where the tea could steep in the entirety of the bowl. I loved the look of her tea pot and I really enjoyed the flavor where the tea leaves could "roam free". Last year, I had added it to my wish list - and my in-laws graciously got me one for Christmas. The one I got is the "Tea Posy" pot. You can drop a special flower blossom tea into the bowl, add hot water, and voila...as it steeps, a flower opens in the pot. I thought it would be fun to bring it to Kathleen's so we could watch the "magic" as the tea steeped. It's quite pretty - grassy bottom, red center, and a little burst of petaled flowers on the top. Unfortunately, my photos just don't seem to capture it's full beauty.

The tea package does suggest that once you've had your tea, you can refill the pot with cold water and "enjoy" the beauty of the bloomed tea for about a week. Perhaps I'll do that the next time - it might be easier to get a good picture of the "bloomed" tea.

I forgot to mention that I'd completed a feather and fan scarf on Christmas Day. It's made from Plymouth Kaos Mystify. It's quite pretty, but the yarn bleeds EVERYWHERE! My fingers turned purple where the yarn was tensioned around my fingers, and my knitting needles have a greyish-purple cast to them. Ugh. I hate when that happens!

In early November, I completed yet another Market Bag in Plymouth Fantasy Naturale cotton yarn. It was for my stocking swap partner. She loves pink, so I made this as her special Christmas gift. I think she's opened it by now (at least I hope she has!), so I'm finally able to post it here.


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