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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mom's Bed Socks

Phew. Mom's bed socks are done and in the mail. I completed them in absolute record time. The first sock was completed Sunday. The second sock was completed early Tuesday morning and arrived at the post office by 9:10 am. According to the tracking information, it's already on its way and is scheduled for delivery on 12/23 - so she'll have them in time for Christmas! Wahoo!

Of course, since I was in such a hurry, I somehow managed NOT to take a photo of the completed pair...but at least I remembered to take one of the first sock! I used "Iceland" yarn from Crystal Palace in the Ultramarine color way - it's a very soft bulky yarn that my mom LOVES for her bed socks. It's not overly durable, so with all her walking around, I have to darn her socks for her about once a year, but hey, it's worth it to keep her feet happy and warm in her favorite wool! (NOTE: When I darn them with acrylic or acrylic blends, the bottom of the foot holds up much better...but I should figure out how to "add" the acrylic to the bottom as I knit, eh?)


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