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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Smithsonian Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef at the Museum of Natural History

What a fabulous evening! Several of us from Nature's Yarns went downtown DC for a reception at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History to view and celebrate the Coral Reef that was built from crocheted hyperbolic pieces created about 800 fiber artists - including me. Nature's Yarns was one of the local yarn shops that held workshops and displayed the locally created pieces of the reef before delivering them to the Smithsonian to be fashioned into the display.

Jennifer (left) kept us all informed of the progress of the reef and sent us all periodic updates. She even came for one of the workshops at Nature's Yarns! Someone made here the vest she's wearing...and we've now been challenged to add to it with crocheted bits of coral reef.

All the colors and shapes are amazing! They did a fabulous job of constructing the final display - it's awesome!

The colors are so vibrant - and I love how they grouped similar colors together throughout the display.

Be sure to double click on the photos for a closer view - the detail is phenomenal!

The variety of shapes and colors is breathtaking. This display is definitely a "must see"!

All of us that contributed are listed by name on one of the information boards describing the various displays. (Double click on the photo for a closer view.)

(Double click on the photos to enlarge for reading)

I made 7 or 8 pieces total for the reef and I actually found two of them! Who'd have thought that I would have anything on display at the Smithsonian? Especially something crocheted since I barely crochet! It's unbelievable - yet another "bucket list" item, eh?

The very, very top of the toxic or dieing reef has my creation made out of crocheting looped strips fashioned from the plastic grocery bags that were crocheted into a hyperbolic plane, shaped like brain coral, then cinched with the plastic straps that hold 6-packs of soda together and edged with a reddish eyelash yarn. (Double click on the photo on the for a closer view - my piece is circled in green at the top) The photo on the right is a closeup view of the top of the reef - mine it the topmost coral with the reddish eyelash yarn at the edges.

Another piece I made is in the top center of the arch. It's turquoise bulky acrylic edges with a ribbon yarn that has teal, purple, and metallic gold. I had made both a momma and a baby one out of that, so both may actually be there. (Double click on the photo for a closer view - my piece is circled in green.)

There were also various smaller reefs shipped in from other countries on display as well. They were all so beautiful that I had to take photos of them as well.

I think the most fascinating was the beaded reef examples - they're just stunning! The time and patience that went into each and every one of these was just astounding. The results are well worth it - these pieces are gorgeous! (Be sure to double click on the photos to see the exquisite detail of the beaded pieces.)

The reef will be on display through in April 24, 2011. Then, it will be dismantled and parts of it will travel to other museums and schools. You can read more about the hyperbolic coral reef here: Hyperbolic Coral Reef.


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