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Saturday, November 06, 2010

The Piano Warming


This weekend is definitely becoming a "music" weekend rather than a "craft" weekend. All my activities are focused on music, starting with Saturday evening at Scott's "Piano Warming".

The music was fabulous! Scott has recently purchased a piano, so what's the appropriate activity? Have a "Piano Warming" of course! He played his piano for a large number of invited guests at a fabulous reception at the home of his friend Lynn and her husband...and the music dog, Sally. (Sally was a reluctant photography subject and kept "avoiding" me. She FINALLY needed a rest and I was able to snap this photo of her.)

Scott played "The Piano" man....simultaneously on the harmonica and the piano and a number of other fabulous songs. There were many songs played and sung throughout the evening...and Scott didn't limit himself to the piano either - he played several other instruments...including the mandolin.

The hosts and a friend also joined in the musical celebration. It was a fabulous evening of music, food, and drink.

My absolute favorite part of the evening was when Scott played the arrangement of "Waltzing Matilda" that he wrote for my wedding. It's an absolutely beautiful arrangement of the song. It was very special to me and brought back lovely memories of a fabulous day for both me and my DH.


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