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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Fall is Definitely Here!

On the way to Mendota, the site of the "National Sweet Corn Festival" every August, I did spot an absolutely gorgeous maple tree - the rich Illinois soil really does provide a rich substrate for growing. . It's HUGE and it's the perfect shape. I just LOVE IT!!!! It was all green just last week...but this week, the nights have been cool and color has been seeping into the leaves. I think it's just gorgeous!

On to the knitting content...

I went to the Peru Library last night for their weekly knitting night. It was a lot of fun. The organizer, Mike, was there as well as 4 ladies I'd met before. One was busy crocheting a lace curtain for her walk-in closet. It was gorgeous! (I didn't even think to take a photo....darn it!) Mike's knitting a floppy blue hat for his nephew. As for the others, one was knitting a sweater, one crocheting an afghan, and the final needle worker had just started a cross-stitch project.

I plodded along with the Baby Alpaca Grande vest...and showed them all how to "spit splice". I was polite, though, and used water instead of the "official" method. I also demo'd the Russian Join - most were familiar with it, but at least one had never seen it "live" - the neatness of the join is a big selling point for this method.

After I got back home last night, I finished the knitting portion of the Baby Alpaca Grande vest! Now, all that's left to do is tuck in the ends, sew the side seams, and voila...a gorgeous red sweater vest just in time for the winter!

Now, if I could only decide on the finishing edges for my "Weekend Sweater" out of Serendipity tweed that I nearly finished last year! This is the PERFECT time of the year for a nice lightweight cotton/wool blend.

I've also made more progress on my socks - I'm about 2 rounds away from starting on the heel of the second sock. I'll definitely have these finished before the end of the month! I just love the color - purple and green are definitely a favorite here!


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