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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Hyperbolic Coral Reef

This is the last weekend for displaying the coral reef contributions at Nature's Yarns. All the contributions head to the Smithsonian to be included in the Coral reef display from Oct. 15, 2010 - April 2011.

This part of the display is a single piece. The designer crocheted and felted an entire coral village and then added other pieces to the felted base. It's awesome!

I managed to contribute a few items to the "collection". I made one out of crocheted plastic bags to be included in the toxic reef. I "tightened" it up with a bit of plastic that holds 6-packs of soda together.

The rest of my pieces were primarily for the "living" reef. I tried a variety of shapes and had a lot of fun. Most were "brain coral", but there were other shapes as well. I am missing a photo of my small one that spiraled down to a point. It was great to spend some time crocheting and exploring various crochet techniques. However, I did find that I'm not nearly as relaxed when I crochet as I am when I knit. I don't think I'll be switching hobbies any time soon!

It was rather exciting to be part of a new exhibit. Now, when my friends and family come to DC to visit, I can tell them to stop in the Natural History Museum and check out the Hyperbolic Coral Reef...and see if they can spot my contributions!


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