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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bobbin Lace!

Wow! Who said you can't teach "an old dog new tricks"? I just took my first Bobbin Lace class and I absolutely love it! It's just amazing to me! And I had no problem learning how - many thanks to the fabulous instructor, Elaine!

She's is a fabulous teacher...full of all kinds of "lacy knowledge" and very patient. She's gifted at undoing the "messes" that new students seem to get into I'd gotten so excited at one point that I continued without setting my pins! Suddenly, all of my work was bunched up. Elaine "rescued" me by un-doing my lace - she's FAST - so I could get back to the process at a good continuation point without wasting a lot of time...or making the "mess" worse!

I'm thoroughly enjoying learning the techniques as well as various bits of history and comparisons of the different bobbins and the variations imposed on the craft by the various cultures around the world. I can't wait for next week's class!

The bobbins have been wound and are ready to go. The pattern is setup and "pricked".

My first row! Wahoo! I'm on a roll now!

And the finished piece - before cutting it loose from the threads. Awesome! I just love this!

Adding a new skill means that I'll need to get a whole new set of tools and gadgets! Elaine did make a fabulous starter kit available, but there are so many more things to purchase as I slide down the slope into bobbin lace - more bobbins, more thread, bobbin winders....and the list goes on!


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