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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Project Progress

"Skuld" is finally moving along. I have progressed past what's shown here, but it was a bit painful. I had a small error and dropped stitch, and my feeble attempts to "fix" it multiplied the errors row-by-row. It was such a mess that I decided to tear the whole thing out and start over...I had been on row 123!

I decided that I'd start adding life lines at key points in the pattern. I chose row 62 for my first life line. Guess what? I DROPPED a stitch in row 61! I was afraid that I'd have to rip it back to the beginning.....again. Happily, I was able to "get it under control" after tearing back a mere 9 rows or so. Phew!

"Brandywine Shawl" - Since I've made such "fabulous" progress with "Skuld", I was afraid to even touch this one! I think I'll let it "marinate" until I finish Skuld.

I have yet to start "Starsky" - the cardigan I'm doing from "Knitty". I definitely need to complete this one by the fall. And speaking of cardigans, I still have my Serendipity Tweed cardigan to finish - it's all done except the front ribbing....and has been in that state for months!

So many projects.....so little time!


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