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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Awesome Crafter!

Crafting is contagious! Even the most reluctant participant will eventually get "sucked into the abyss".....LOL!

Last Christmas, I found a fabulous book for my FIL, "Ductigami: The Art of the Tape" by Joe Wilson. It was initially intended as a "joke gift". However, my FIL has an uncanny knack of actually liking AND using whatever we find as a "joke gift". This was no exception.

When I gave him the book, he "threatened" to make me a duct tape wallet. I told him that was a great idea - I would DEFINITELY use it! Fast forward to June. DH and I met with my MIL and FIL for a combined birthday/Father's Day brunch this past Sunday. I had a "very special" package that I had to open. All eyes were on me as I unwrapped my "special" gift. Inside was a duct tape coin purse! How cool is that?!?! I can honestly say that none of my friends have one - I'm the first! It's truly unique and I really love it! It's perfect. (Be sure to click on the photos for a closer look at the wallet and the keen craftsmanship!)

The coin purse even has a strap to place the flap under to hold it closed - definitely made by an engineer. We're such a practical lot! I think the coin purse is absolutely awesome and I'm thrilled and honored that my FIL took the time to hand craft it just for me! He was going to make the wallet, but it was going to take WAY too much "valuable" duct tape that he decided to modify his goals and simply make a coin purse.


  • At 5:46 AM, Blogger JaymeKnits said…

    I don't have a duct tape coin purse but I do have 2 duct tape wallets. My wallet broke once on the way to a camping trip so when taping it back together in the car didn't work well I made a new wallet by the campfire the first night. Then I thought I could improve on it and made another when we got home. They have bill areas and a few credit card slots, the one made at home even has a flip out ID viewing pocket.

  • At 5:20 PM, Anonymous Anne Campbell said…

    I just love your duct tape coin purse! What a thrill to have your father in law make that for you. Congratulations on starting another person on the crafting road.


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