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Monday, June 07, 2010

The Colors of Summer

Monday was an absolutely glorious day! Mid-70's...very low humidity. It was PERFECT! I strolled the neighborhood on my dog walk and discovered a treasure trove of fabulous colors! The flowers are all so beautiful! I LOVE this time of year!

The petals on the flower on the left don't look real to me. They look much more like a painting than a flower. (Click on the photo for a closer look).

Petunias (purple of course!) and honeysuckles. I just love the smell of honeysuckles! It brings back fond childhood memories of sucking the nectar out of the flowers...

I'm generally not a big fan of orange, but I love how these flowers look. My favorite is the one on the right - I prefer the rounded shape.

He loves me.....he loves me not.....

I love coral colored roses! I think it's because I always see white, pink, and red....the coral just seems different and unique. On the right, there's a "busy bee" pollinating as he flits from flower to flower.

Ah....the blackberry blossoms! Most of the blackberry bushes that had been crushed by this past winters snow have successfully rebounded. Nearly all are just past their prime for the blossoms...and most have "young berries" slowly ripening. They should be ready for July shortcakes! There's nothing better than wild blackberries!

Most of the mulberries have already ripened. However, this tree was nestled in amongst a grove of trees and has been slightly delayed in it's fruit production. It's just starting to bear the ripened fruits. The birds are loving it! Just below the mulberry tree were these little "bell like" flowers - so pretty!

I just love the reds of these flowers and the rose...so rich!

I admire the simple elegance of the Calla Lily...with just a splash of color!

I love splendor of the ruffled petunias (especially with the purple in the middle) and the "star quality" of the pink lily.

Other pleasures - A small "field of lilies - all in full bloom (left) and close-up of one of the little "bell flowers" (right).

Now I know why I was so attracted to the Sierra Quatro I found at Nature's Yarns last Saturday. As you can see, many of the colors I found on the dog walk are twisted into this wonderful 4-ply yarn. Lots of purples and pinks...just like the flowers I admired! I think the yarn is perfect for a very colorful summer shell - It's 80% cotton and 20% wool. I started it on Saturday, and I'm already about done with the back of the sweater...and it's only Monday!

I'm using the "Hollyhock Ridge" pattern in the latest Knitter's magazine...BUT...I'm only doing it in the one color and I'm not fond of the random "garter stitch rows" so I'm omitting them as well. However, I am using the basic design and edging from the pattern. This shell is a very quick knit. I should be done by the weekend - wahoo!


  • At 1:41 PM, Anonymous knitter pal J said…

    Such a great eye with the camera for those flowers! Well done! That colorway is totally your color. :-)


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