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Friday, May 07, 2010

Felted Flowers

I've been having a lot of fun trying to make some felted flowers. So far, I've completed the felting of two of them. These are quick and easy projects: the Peruvia Rose and the Felted Crocheted Flower.

I've done the Peruvia Rose that uses a knitting needle for the stem of the rose and leaf. First, you knit the rose and the leaf. This is a very quick and easy knit.

Next, you roll the "rose" component into a roselike shape and stitch it together.

Toss it in a pillowcase and wash it in hot with some dawn liquid and some old tennis shoes, and voila....a felted rose! I still have to find a suitable knitting needle to "mount" it on.

The crocheted flower was just as simple. I crocheted an easy little flower and tossed it in the same pillowcase as the Peruvia Rose and the result was a cute little felted flower.

I'm planning to put a button in the center of it and a pin-back on the back. That way, it can be worn as a brooch or as a decoration on a felted bag.

On Tuesday, the clouds were wonderful! There were so many beautiful formations - I tried to capture the beauty of it, but of course, the camera can only touch on it. Clouds have ALWAYS fascinated me!

My neighbor's roses were just beautiful....so I captured a picture of one of them as well. It's so MUCH prettier than my felted rose! It's absolute perfection! If only I could capture that beauty in a felted rose....


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