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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Knitting Progress...aka More Frogging than Knitting

I've managed to complete one of the Ditto socks and started on a second one. After about 1 inch, I had to tear it back and start over...the colors just weren't lining up correctly. I've restarted the second one again....I'm almost afraid to compare it to the first! I am one of those people that has to have identical - or nearly identical socks...I'm definitely NOT fond of "fraternal socks".

I made GREAT progress on my "Clapotis"....or so I thought. I had totally misread the pattern. I was doing 12 repeats of the 12 pattern rows.....and was on the 11th repeat when I realized what I had done. I had been merrily knitting along and started wondering how many stitches I would end up with after all the increases - it seemed like I had a LOT of stitches on my needles and I started worrying about running out of yarn before the end of the scarf.

I re-checked the pattern and found that I should have had a total of 101 stitches after the increase section. Then, after knitting a few additional rows, I should have ended the increase section with a total of 107 stitches. Hmmmm....that total stitch count seemed a bit low for the amount of stitches I had on the needles. When I counted my stitches, I discovered I was WAY off! There were 144! Ugh...that means I had to rip back nearly 60 rows - approximately half of what I'd already knitted!

Oh, well...it was good practice as knitting with multi-threaded yarn has been a bit challenging as I kept missing a thread or picking up an extra thread. I'm back on track now. I will be starting section 3 of the Clapotis tomorrow evening.

I'm ending this post with a picture of Tuesday's lovely sunset. I love the vibrancy of all the colors - the blue, pink, and yellow. It's awesome! Springtime and the fall seem to have the best sunsets!


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