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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Springtime Progress

This past week, I've made a lot of progress on my projects. The weather has definitely made some progress as well...finally! It's starting to feel like Spring around here - a very welcome change from all the snow we had last month!

While digging around in my spinning bag, I found a length of about 3 ft. of lilac Merino superwash roving that I'd somehow overlooked when I had changed bobbins to start on the silk. I found my two "completed" bobbins of the lilac and spun the remaining little bit. I plied it right away - no more leaving "unborn yarn" languishing on the bobbins! My efforts resulted in a total of 557 yards of two-ply yarn when measured on my niddy-noddy. Not sure what I'll make with it, but for now, it will be a lovely skein of "decorative yarn".

The "2x2 Ditto Socks" (made from Univeral Ditto) are coming along as well. The first sock is at about the half-way point - I'm ready to do the heel shaping. I just noticed that the colors in this yarn is nearly the same as that of the yarn used for my "Dark Chocolate Raspberry Socks"(made from OnLine yarn) socks - funny how I tend to gravitate to similar color ways! I'm always drawn to purple and burgundy, as well as bold gem tones.

The springlike weather has enticed some of the flowers to finally poke out of the ground. My favorite flowers are the purple lilacs...they're just beautiful!

The birds are finally back as well. I've even seen a few blue jays in addition to all the crows. It seems like the crows never go away - ugh! The robins are everywhere. I also spotted a bird with a very pretty blue neck (right). I just love the iridescence of the blue (be sure to click on the photo for a better look at the color.) Anyone know what type of bird this is?


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