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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Labyrinth Weaving Ravelympics Event - Complete!

I've officially crossed the finish line on all three of my "Ravelympics" projects!

The first two projects were finished earlier this week. I finally finished the third project at noon today and posted it to the finish line. The woven strap is approximately 24" long and I intended for it to eventually become the strap to a tote bag. The pattern is one of the simplest patterns for weaving - a diagonal stripe. To finish to the strap, I braided each of the ends to "hold it together" until it's officially "put into use". However, I may just keep it "as is" and file it away as the historical example of my first finger-weaving project.

My weaving is a bit uneven, but it's much better than I expected. As I progressed, my ability to create even rows increased dramatically. I could definitely see the difference between the start and the finish.

I think the next finger weaving project I'll try with include a chevron pattern. Eventually, I'd like to try an Indian motif, but I think I need to become a bit more skilled before I tackle something as intricate as that!


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