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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! DH's breakfast this morning was a quick one, but I still managed to make it a "special Valentine's Breakfast"! LOL!

The snow we've had has really caused a lot of havoc in the DC area! Many deliveries have been delayed - including Valentine's Day flowers! My flowers from DH are sitting in a warehouse somewhere - evidently, UPS was so backlogged, they didn't even attempt delivery. DH did give me a wonderful stuffed animal, "Snoopy the Kissing Bandit", so I did have something special for Valentine's Day...plus, we also went out for our traditional fabulous dinner at the Blue Iguana - mmmmm!

I also had received a cute hand made Valentine mobile from a swap partner that's decorating my house as well. I thought it was very cute and festive - and it arrived in spite of all the snow! (In fact, it arrived just after one of the big snows!)

A group of us on Ravelry exchanged hand made cards. Here's the front, back, and final "look" of the card I made for my partner. This was so much fun! I felt like a little kid again as I cut out construction paper hearts and stuck little hearts all over my card as embellishments. I even bought some "glitter glue". This was a lovely "escape" from the weather!

Oddly enough, my Christmas Cactus decided to start blooming on Valentine's Day! How funny is that? One of mine had bloomed for Thanksgiving....and now the other, for Valentine's Day! Too funny! I guess I have "Holiday Cacti" rather than "Christmas Cacti"!!!

My Cyclamen was also blooming...it's my "Valentine's Day Plant" - complete with red flowers and heart shaped leaves. My Hyacinth also bloomed - this was a bit of a surprise as I hadn't forced the bulbs...DH had watered it for me and voila....it decided to "wake up"! Hopefully this means that Spring is just around the corner!


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