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Sunday, February 07, 2010

The Calm After the Storm

Today, it was absolutely beautiful outside! Everyone in the neighborhood seemed to be in good spirits....even though we all had to dig ourselves out of this latest snow storm!

It truly is beautiful...as long as you don't have to drive in it! The blue sky behind everything really adds a lot. The neighborhood looks like it's sprayed with whipped cream. It's just gorgeous!

My deck REALLY looks amazingly full of snow in the daylight. The blue spruce in my front yard is VERY weighted down with the white stuff as well. Wow. I don't remember ever seeing this much snow at one time! It's evidently the 2nd largest snow storm we've had.

This morning, we still weren't dug out, but most of our sidewalk was. Sandy is absolutely dwarfed by all the snow! DH found that the branches from the cherry tree were VERY low hanging and would prevent us from exiting the garage, so he had to shake most of the snow off...just so we could get out once the drive was shoveled/blown. Luckily, the branches perked right back up so I would be able to get out of the garage with no problem.

We're finally dug out! The drifts on top of our garage were pulled down by DH, but there's still quite a bit of drifting there, so you can imagine what it was like before! (click on the photo on the right for a better view)

Though the doggie path in the back of the house (left photo) can't be seen and we probably won't see the entrance to the walking path (right photo) for days....all was not lost - the cul-de-sac has been plowed and everyone is now mobile! Wahoo! Cabin fever be gone!!!

We can walk or drive wherever we want to now - what a great feeling!
Sandy can now stroll through the snow and check out the neighborhood with me for a nice change of venue. She got bored with her little "doggie run" in the front yard and was in desperate need of new sights and smells. Check out the snow bank at the end of my driveway - it's above my head! Unbelievable! The newly plowed street made for a nice stroll...it was great to get out!

Sandy seems to be saying, "Wow! This is some snow! Just look at it all!"

DH is determined to find the mailbox...it's in there somewhere!

Queen of the mountain....

The snow tastes soooo good!


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